People who have an attic know that the temperature changes are noticeable in the house. In winter it’s impossible to heat the house, and in summer the sun lashes the roof all day. In winter, the hot air from the heating rises escaping through your roof, and in summer no insulation means that the heat enters the house. If you’re in this predicament, call Regitz Ventures LLC for attic insulation installation services.

The best attic insulation installation is the one that meets at least the following criteria:

  • Low conductivity and high thermal resistance: to protect you against cold and heat.
  • Acoustic insulation to absorb noise.
  • High resistance to heat to delay heat entering in summer.
  • Breathable, thus allowing the passage of water vapor and avoiding condensation.
  • Cellulose wadding so that the system insulates the most and saves the most.

Due to the increase in energy, good insulation is one of the fastest, simplest and cheapest methods to immediately reduce your energy bills. The thermal phase shift capacity of cellulose, that is, the time it takes to transmit temperature from one side to the other of its thickness, makes it an exceptional insulator (thermal phase shift: 8-12 hours).

A house that breathes offers security and well-being. For this reason, insulation installation is one of the key decisions to make in any construction or remodeling project.

  • Breathable insulation and a good ventilation system means zero condensation
  • The air contains moisture that is invisible water vapor, which penetrates everywhere. The humidity levels in the air, both inside and outside the home vary. Cellulose insulation helps to balance these levels making homes more comfortable.
  • The cellulose insulation is permeable to water vapor, which prevents the creation of bacteria and fungi inside the enclosures.

Tips on attic insulation installation

First of all, you should know that the roof is where you lose the most energy. We know that 35% of the energy is lost, and the roof endures the most heat in summer and is most exposed to the cold in winter. If your attic or loft is habitable, we suggest that you insulate it. Get attic insulation installation as a quick, effective and construction-free solution.

Installing a false plasterboard ceiling can also provide the thermal insulation you want.

If your house has a non-habitable sloping roof, we suggest attic insulation installation without wasting time. This solution is fast and efficient and will provide the most savings and protection. The greater the attic thickness, the more protection you will have.

The best thermal attic insulation installation is cellulose, rock wool, wood fiber or EPS graphite beadsAfter installing a thermal insulation system, you’ll see a massive reduction in your bill.