Do you have an attic? Are you feeling hot? No matter how you cool the lower part of the house, it will waste a lot of energy and money, since heat will keep entering through your roof and other parts of the house. So, if you don’t want to waste resources, keep reading as Lone Star Insulation shows you how to insulate an attic. We are residential insulation contractors and can insulate the rest of your house, as well.

Steps to insulate an attic

  1. If you have a hot or cold attic where you can’t spend 10 minutes, get down to business. With some changes, you can turn it into an inviting nook in your house without too great a variation in temperature in it or the rest of the house. One of the best ways to insulate your attic from the cold without having to undertake reform in your house is with appropriate curtains and blinds designed for the task.

    There are curtains designed for preventing heat from entering your rooms – or escaping it. You can put them up in your attic for maximum benefit. A range of energy efficient curtains designed for attic windows have double pleated fabric that reduces energy loss. Without a doubt, this is an effective an inexpensive way to insulate an attic.

  1. If you have time and a little budget, you can layer the walls with laminated drywall and add fiberglass. This mineral fiber is one of the best insulation methods that exist today and the most effective. But if you can’t afford to do the work, you can line your walls with a frieze of wooden slats, instead. Get in touch with residential insulation contractors for more advice and help.
  1. Apart from curtains, fiberglass or wooden friezes, you can insulate your attic in other ways too.

Are you excited for winters now? Do not forget to get attic insulation via Lone Star residential insulation contractors.