Whether it’s about removing loose-fill insulation from your attic to replace it with new insulation, or simply removing attic insulation due to water leakage, or doing reparations caused by bad weather, it is essential to proceed with care. Follow our quick and easy tips on removal of attic insulation and get great results.

  1. Spacing out the area

 The first step in removing loose-fill insulation from the attic is to decide the type of insulation you want to work with. We suggest you use a test kit to check if the insulation has asbestos. You can find such insulation in ancient houses and buildings. If the test is positive for asbestos, cancel the project and call a professional service for the removal of attic insulation.

It’s important to keep the insulation loose in the attic during the extraction process. You don’t want dented, fusty insulation pieces for mounting. Make sure to close the door, then place a plastic sheet and secure it with good quality tape. To design the attic safely, place large 6-in planks through the beams to walk around the attic while removing the insulation.

Put a large tarp where you want to throw trash bags full of insulation, and dispose of them to keep the place clean.

  1. Tools and kits

When using a wet and dry vacuum, make sure to keep trash bags handy so that you can dump the dirt from the vacuum bag. Don’t forget sweep all the attic beams clean. This step may seem tiring but in the long run it will help get rid of small pieces of insulation.

When you’re ready to vacuum the joists, start at the end and move towards the attic exit. It shouldn’t get caught in the corner while stirring the air with old or damaged insulation or dry rodent fecal matter. The advantage of using an industrial vacuum is that it doesn’t take much time to complete the extraction process. On the other hand, if you’re using a dry-wet vacuum it’ll take more time, for sure. The industrial vacuum is a resourceful tool for removing attic insulation.

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